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  AddsHexi Village Xiaying streets in Yinzhou District Ningbo
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   Ningbo Huabo Heat-Treatment Co.,Ltd.—— (Original:Ningbo Huabo Precision Gear Manufacturing Co. Ltd.)founded in May 1999,雅虎 is a professional production and more variety, small quantities, precise involute gear cylinder line companies. main production gear screw air compressor, refrigerant machine gear, motorcycles, printing machines and handling equipment Gear Gear.
 The company's existing production gear matching assets nearly 10 million yuan, more than 40 employees, of whom a high and mid-level managers, engineers and technicians who have more than 10......
   Please concern produ     2007-9-13
Low pressure vacuum furnace oil quenching carburizing

Low pressure vacuum furnace oil quenching carburizing

快速时时彩官网平台 Blind Hole carburizing, deep carburizing, carburized stainless steel, grain boundary layer of oxidation, uniform layer. Click enter more……Details Details

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